Friday, February 25, 2011

I came back to my blog to reread something I wrote and realized it's been TWO YEARS since I've written anything. Does that mean that I have had nothing of value to say in 24 months? Am I just lazy? Too much TV? I've had amnesia and am just now remembering about this poor neglected blog? I'm going with I'm having too much fun living in Idaho and visiting my grandchildren in California - Woohoo!! For those who may have wondered, Steve and I are still in Idaho, but are moving from Star to Nampa in a few weeks. We have become Craigslist fanatics as we haul in the cash selling furniture that will not work in the new digs. Today we met with a painter to paint several shades of yellow/light gold on our new walls (yes, we closed the new house this week, but we're not moving just yet). We settled on a color affectionately titled Home and Hearth. Our go crazy and do something different decision is to paint our master bedroom and bath "Little Grapette". This silvery/lavendery shade is gorgeous and since Steve is secure in his manhood we are good to go. Our other kinda risky move is deciding to purchase a sofa sectional online from homereserve. The risky part is that in comes via FedX in two big boxes. We have to put it together. The fabric is all slipcovered and can be removed and washed. We chose to go this route because we couldn't find a sectional that met just the right dimensions for our new living room. This website has been featured on HGTV and in Better Homes and Gardens. One can only hope it will make our little nest a Better Home!

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